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    2017 Bear Cub Release Map

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    Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter Wants Your Help

    Hibernation is Over

    All 44 black bear cubs are now out of hibernation and are getting really active. Eating, after a few months of dieting, is by far the most loved activity. Currently we feed about 100lb of apples, 10 - 20lb  of fresh meat, fish or dogfood, 10-20lb of vegetables and various fruits and about 15lb of fresh greens each day!

    As you can imagine this is a big strain on our budget with an average of $120 per day. Even-though that amounts to only $ 2.73 per bear/day the total up to release time in June is approximately $6840. 

    Click Here to Donate Today! Your help means an improved life for all our animals :)

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