Grizzly "Shadow"

Grizzly "Shadow"

We have rehabbed several grizzly cubs (20 in total) but our current female cub "Shadow" is by far the most challenging cub we had to date. She has been with us since the fall of 2016 but we have only seen her a few times since and if we surprise her it always ends up in her getting really stressed and us feeling like we should leave her alone as quickly as possible.

Many might say, well isn't that good if you want to rehab them and in some sense that is true, but usually they at least get comfortable with their care giver (only one person). That allows us to monitor food intake and preferences, body condition and their general behavior. 

With Shadow we know only that she doesn't like or trust us in any way, sense or fashion, we are the enemy. In a young cub this is very unusual and leaves us worried about her mental state. Is it just humans that she fears or is life in itself a frightening event? Did the loss of her sibling and mother push her mentally to far to cope with day to day life? Is what we see anxiety attacks or simple fear of humans.

We just don't know and with her release scheduled for June we for the first time are apprehensive if one of our charges is ready to face the world out there in the wild.  


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