It's Release time!!!!

It's Release time!!!!

Each Year June becomes our prime time to release bears across the province. Cubs that arrived in 2017 are now healthy and strong and ready to head out on their own. It is your support that makes these Happy Endings possible and we are so very happy to share their success with you!

Here are this years cubs set to go home:

Logan & Nahanni ( Smithers) where the first cubs to arrive in 2017, orphaned by a vehicle accident they where dropped off by Conservation Officers. Now the two timid cubs from then are strong and rambunctious and ready to tackle live on their own.
Released June 12, 2018

Aurora (Smithers) also lost her mom to a vehicle and has grown into a very pretty young lady
Released June 12, 2018

Nanook & Huffy (PG) where orphaned when someone illegally killed their mom with an arrow. The brothers are a pair that likes to have fun.
Released June 9, 2018

Nellie (PG) became orphaned when her mom became a nuisance bear, breaking into cabins. This little lady is a spitfire and should do well on her own.
Released June 9, 2018

Taku & Yukon (Francoise Lake) The brothers lost their mom to a vehicle accident and Taku was also hit. He suffered serious jaw injuries and required surgery. Do to the injuries the brothers had to be separated adding to their trauma. Once reunited they did very well.

Terry, Timmy & Tundra (Vernon) also lost their mom to nuisance behavior. The Trio is inseparable and very inquisitive.

Winston (Cranbrook) was one of our worry cubs as he arrived in very poor condition. Reasons for him being alone are not clear. Luckily he made a full recovery!

Digger & Kelleeka (Quesnel) We first heard of these triplets in July. The body of the sow was to decomposed to allow determination of death, but a shooting is likely. Efforts to capture the Trio where fruitless for many weeks. On August 11th Digger was captured, but in very poor body condition. His recovery did not go very well until his sister arrived a month later and he finally made big strides towards healing. The third cub was never captured.

Hulk & Shania (PG) again a pair of orphaned cubs due to access to garbage. The sow had become to aggressive searching out her favorite food source. Size and weight of the cubs illustrated the feed value of garbage for bears Hulk weight in at 8 month with 100lb (the heaviest cub we ever received) Given his size it is always funny to see how timid he is.
Released June 9, 2018

Hudson & Matt (Granisle) The two brothers are orphaned to unknown reasons, but have adjusted well.
Released June 10, 2018

Georgie (PG) is probably one of our prettiest bears this year. She is also very shy!
Released June 9, 2018

Loki & Douglas (Terrace Lake Else) The brothers gave us a bit of a workout catching them and were caught two weeks apart. They hibernated well and are ready to conquer the world.
Released June 13, 2018

Autumn (Trail) this pretty girl can't wait to go home and should be doing well out there!

S'mores & Quinlan (Quesnel) orphaned by a vehicle, the twins arrived just in time to hibernate at NLWS which they did very well and they are now ready for release.
Released May 17 , 2018

Gregor & Sus (Telegraph Creek) the cubs were discovered close to a highway and it is assumed that the sow was hit by a vehicle. The pair did not hibernate as they were underweight, but they have since caught up and are happy teenage cubs now.

Chinook (Kemano) the tiny cub was way to small to hibernate and also lost a part of her back foot (for unknown reasons). Over the winter she made a full recovery and her partial amputation doesn't hinder her at all.
Released June 13, 2018

Whinnie (Terrace Canyon Creek) found alone the tiny cub would not have survived the winter. She spend her time at NLWS eating and growing!
Released June 13, 2018

Mr Rodgers (Terrace) is the most friendliest bear we ever met, not with people (he hides from us), but with the other bears. He makes friends with everyone!
Released June 13, 2018

Bailey (Fernie) alone and to small to survive the winter CO's send Bailey to NLWS for winter care. Each year we have a "Grumpy" bear and this year Bailey was definitely it. Not only does she dislike her caretaker but also most of the other bears. Winston has tried in vain to win her heart.

Gwaaytan & Taan Sqwaana (Haida Gwaii) the twins where orphaned near Skidegate. Conservation Officers and the community worked together to give these cubs a second chance.
Released May 7, 2018

Makoon (Terrace) and Snooka (Bella Coola) were the last to arrive in 2017. Both found alone and to weak to hibernate found a safe heaven at NLWS for the winter.

Kitwan (Kitwanga)Released June 11, 2018 , Russel (Bella Coola) and Taco (Quesnel) must have gone into hibernation alone and due to being underweight woke up early. They showed up in early 2018 with no available food sources. With some good feeding they have recovered well.

Leto (PG) was the last 2017 cub to arrive and due to hibernating on her own was in very, very poor body condition, weighing in at only 16lb at the age of 14 month. We were at first unsure if she could survive, but she showed us all and has been making remarkable steps towards a full recovery.

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