Join the Team of monthly donors!

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Join the Team of monthly donors!

"Team Wildlife Angel "

that's what we call our monthly donors here at NLWS.  As a monthly donor you have a special part in our team, as you enable us to jump into action when needed.


Many donations are one time and come in with a specific case that caught media attention or are designated for a project or facility.

Our monthly donors give us the ability:

* to take off on a rescue at any time, because we know we have a regular income
* to buy feed as needed to provide animals with the best possible diet
* to consult a vet if an animal arrives with or develops health issues

these are only a few points that make monthly donations such a wonderful security to our day to day operations.


Whether you follow our timeline on social media or signed up for our newsletters, with every rescue or release you know you made it happen. Though not physically present, you have a hand in every action we take and our achievements are yours too!

As a  Team member you don't only rescue bears, this team stands for hope for all wildlife in need! 

You help orphaned moose, deer & elk! Moose in particular are in peril these days and every calf saved helps the population.  Moose despite their size are highly sensitive and require specialized care to assist them in maturing into a healthy adult.
 You enable us to send birds of prey for treatment.  BC has some wonderful, long established shelters that specialize in birds.  NLWS opted out of copying something that is already working very well and instead concentrated on setting up a volunteer based transport system to allow birds to travel to help as quickly as possible.
 A wide selection of small mammals find refuge with us, otters, beavers, squirrels, porcupines, foxes, coyotes, hares and martens to name a few. All have special requirements to meet the needs of their species, from feed over housing to release locations and times.

By joining "Team Wildlife Angel" and spending monthly you are making the difference between life and death. You compassion and care will enable orphaned wild animals to grow and then return to their wild home to become part of nature once again. 


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