Northern Lights Wildlife Society provides young injured and/or orphaned wildlife with a safe and healthy environment to mature into adulthood, upon which they are released back to the wild.

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    Little Fawn Fighting for Survival

    Last night received a call for help, a young deer was found with two broken legs. Despite a lot of calls no vet could be found to look at him at that late hour and we were 3 hours drive away.  So the rescuer held vigil throughout the night, feeding goat milk and hoping for the best.

    Early this morning we put out a call for help to transport to Smithers and within minutes transport was arranged.  The Vet waited at our place and the little guy has been given a 50/50 chance. The front leg is a clean break, the hind is shattered. But nothing is close to joints so there is a decent chance that it may fuse together again in such a young animal.  We will give all the help and care we can.

    If you can please consider donating towards  his care