Valemount Rescue & Helpful Seasonal Tips

Valemount Rescue & Helpful Seasonal Tips

Winter is slowly making its debut this year, causing many bears to delay hibernation due to the unusually warm weather and while feed still available. However those  feed sources are not sufficient forcing them to start looking for alternative food sources.

Bailey The Cub being rescued in Valemount, BC

During these types of scenarios it's important to have the best information and advice. To this aim we have a helpful tip for you.

Today's Wildlife Tip:
Be diligent how you store and dispose of bird seed, organic waste and general garbage. These types of waste can be tempting for bears to sniff out and consume. Thank you!

Valemount Rescue Update

Last week a call reached us from Valemount, BC regarding a cub from this year that had lost its mom. It took a while for us to secure permission to capture, so by the time we received it the cub had disappeared. On Sunday we got word the cub had appeared.  So Monday morning Peter & Angelika got on the road for the 8 hour journey, hoping that the little one would stick around.  A trap was set on Monday evening. Welcome Bailey! The newest member of Northern Lights Wildlife Society (see above pic).

Here's a video of the wintery roads we encountered.

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