The Sky is the Limit (Part 1)

The Sky is the Limit (Part 1)

Day 1: The call came at around 2pm, a bear sow was found dead in the outskirts of Ft St John with 2 cubs hanging in a tree close to her. As this was a vehicle hit and the cubs where suitable for rehab, Conservation Officers turned the capture over to NLWS. Longtime NLWS Volunteer Renata Debolt had a live trap up at location within a few hours, while Angelika and Peter started the 10 hr drive to Ft St John.

Day 2: An early morning checkup by Renata revealed that the cubs had gone no where near the trap and bait. Angelika and Peter arrived around noon and the cubs had still not left their tree. After some monitoring it was decided that getting help in form of a tree climber would be the best way to proceed. Unfortunately calls to local business was not producing the support we needed. Finally as the day slipped into late afternoon the life trap was reset and re-baited and we left the area. The cubs had not left the tree all day and we thought they should be hungry and thirsty enough to follow the easy food trail.

Later that evening we returned with Renata and her friend Stephen Bot, a hobby climber that had offered to assess if he could help. To our dismay the cubs had left their tree without paying any attention to the food offerings and despite a quick search could not be located.


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