Northern Lights Wildlife Society provides young injured and/or orphaned wildlife with a safe and healthy environment to mature into adulthood, upon which they are released back to the wild.

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    The Telkwa Cub

    As we were returning from setting a trap for an orphaned bear, we met up with CO Flint Knibbs in our yard. He brought in a very small tranquilized cub that he had captured in a Telkwa BC subdivision.

    We immediately went to work. Weighing him brought the staggering low weight of 12lb when he should have been around 50lb to survive hibernation. This cub was flirting with death, there was no doubt. The small paws were bloody and torn from digging in the frozen ground for food. His body temperature was dangerously low and he was badly dehydrated. We placed warm water bottles around him and covered him with blankets. Slowly, oh so slowly he started to wake up and move a little.

    When an animal is so starved and dehydrated liquid and feed must be offered slowly and in small quantities. We first offered a small amount of Pedialyte which he took right away. After doing this several times he was ready for his first meal. In situations like this we like to turn to baby food as it is tasty and easily digestible. He absolutely loved it and the bowl was squeaky clean when he was done. 

    Though we are fairly confident that he will make a full recovery, he has a long winter ahead to catch up and leave his difficult start behind him. 

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