Cub From Trail BC - Meet The Animals

Cub From Trail BC - Meet The Animals

We are happy to say that yesterday morning the Yearling Cub from Trail arrived safe and sound. All in all he/she looks healthy and right now we are just giving him/her time to settle in and get over the capture and transport.

As always it took a group of people with a heart for wildlife to save the bear in need, as with no natural feed available he/she would have starved to death.

Huge thanks to the Conservation Officers for capturing and approving him/her for rehab and as well to Sue, Karen & Bandstra for facilitating the fastest transport possible.

For those of you unfamiliar with locations, the cub was caught in Trail a 16 hr drive in good conditions. Sue picked him/her up and drove to Kelowna(4hr drive one way), Karen took him/her from Kelowna to Kamloops(a 2 hour drive one way) and Bandstra from Kamloops to Smithers (10hr). Now add to that winter driving conditions and you can see the commitment people are making to save a life.

Thank you also to all the others that offered to drive and those that have now signed up to be volunteer drivers in the future.

To help this cub and others please consider to become part of our amazing support team! If we all give a little, great things happen, together we make the impossible reality!



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