Northern Lights Wildlife Society provides young injured and/or orphaned wildlife with a safe and healthy environment to mature into adulthood, upon which they are released back to the wild.

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    Fox Rescued From Trap

    Each year, we meet wonderful people that care for animals and people alike. We also are faced with those that have no remorse to inflict pain indiscriminately.

    On Sunday March 22, we received a call that a group of people had rescued a fox that was dragging a leghold trap. It turned out that the lady that brought the fox to us had been out all night fighting an apartment fire in her community and upon returning home saw the fox on her property. Despite being bone tired and in need of a relaxing shower, she and a few others spent 1 1/2 hours following the fox until they could finally catch her. They removed the trap and, realizing the scope of damage, called us. The same lady then drove 1hr to us with the fox (and of course had to do the same to go back home) What an amazing example of a wonderful, compassionate human.


    The fox had suffered greatly and all 4 bones in her front paw are broken in an open fracture. Despite the current restrictions and staff shortages, Dr Mike Des Harnaise from the Babine Animal Hospital in Smithers made time for our Foxy Lady yesterday morning. He set the bones as securely as possible and gave long lasting antibiotics. Now we have to wait and see if the paw can be saved. 

    We can't find the words to share how disgusted we are with individuals who use traps. This is torture and indiscriminate. This female could have already been nursing pups this time of year (which thankfully she is not) and her young would have been fated with slow starvation after their mother's death.

    We don't usually advocate, but we encourage you to use your time of social distancing and add your voice to ban the use of traps on all levels in Canada and beyond.

    If you wish to help with her care you can donate here:

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