Northern Lights Wildlife Society provides young injured and/or orphaned wildlife with a safe and healthy environment to mature into adulthood, upon which they are released back to the wild.

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    Gorgeous Bear Cub With White Paws!

    On August 19th, we received a very unusual guest. We got a call from the Nisga'a Lisims Enforcement Officer that they were in possession of a cub that was orphaned after his mother and sibling were shot illegally. With the permission of the BC Conservation Officers we went to meet the Nisga'a Officers. We had been told that this cub had unusual markings, but we where unprepared for how unusual. 

    We have since reached out and searched the internet, but have yet to find similar markings (white feet). It is assumed that this cub carries Kermode Genes that manifested in an unusual way. The Nisga'a officers named him Winnie (The name is of Welsh origin, meaning fair one; white and smooth; soft; happiness; or fair and pure). After initially being a bit depressed the cub has settled in well and is friends with Koda.


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