Introducing The GEMS system!

Introducing The GEMS system!

Joining the GEMS program (Give Every Month Support), our treasured community of monthly donors, is the safest, simplest, and most effective way to support wildlife in dire need, as we adapt to ever-changing circumstances due to COVID-19.

We encourage everyone to consider the merits of such a commitment:

  • One time set up with yearly tax receipt Provides NLWS with a secure and steady income for operational costs and
  • therefore ensures quick rescue response.
  • Automatic NLWS Friend Membership and digital membership certificate NLWS Friend yearly rescue update will be mailed out to you in November of
  • each year.
  • NLWS Friend Member Only semiannual newsletter with more insights in
  • NLWS planning and operation. Digital GEMS membership Cards
  • 10% off merch code for GEMS sign up or upgrades. Minimum once a year NLWS Friend Members only online event (meet the team and current animals in care, watch feedings and more).


$10 Per Month

Buys feed for the animals.


$50 Per Month

Buys feed, bedding and enrichment for the animals.


$150 Per Month

Buys feed, bedding, enrichment for the animals and supports facility maintenance efforts.


$300 Per Month

All previous GEMS plus helps ensure medical supplies and services can be safely purchased, transported and stocked.


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