BC Fire Updates!

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BC Fire Updates!



As terrible fires race across BC we are getting more and more inquiries how that affects the shelter. Thankfully we have no fires close by at this time. We are mindful thought that this can change at a moments notice. As evacuating our animals would be close to impossible  we need to focus on fire safety. That means clearing areas around enclosures to prevent fire from getting to close, investing in sprinkler systems (thankfully we have plenty of water due to Betty Gealan and an Aviva contest in 2012 that resulted in a deep well).

We need to hire experienced people to delimb trees and clear brush away from enclosures. On the animal intake side we typically see a delayed rise in animal arrivals as no one is allowed in the active fire areas for rescue.


So we get calls once people are allowed back in, finding orphaned wildlife often dehydrated and starving.


So preparations are already being made to answer these calls.

How can you help?

* if you have access to previous fire areas be alert for wildlife in need.
* Call for help, either the RAP line at 18779527277 or the shelter at 250 877
   1181 if you find wildlife in distress.
* sign up as a transport driver at https://www.wildlifeshelter.com/p/nlws-transport-volunteer-agreement.html quick transport saves lives.
* Become a GEMS Donor, monthly support (no amount is to small, remember, $1 buys a syringe that gives critical medication) gives us the ability to answer the calls as they come in because we know you have our back financially. https://www.wildlifeshelter.com/p/gems-donor-system.html
* Not ready to commit monthly? Consider a one time donation so our Rescue kits can be replenished and we are ready for the next animal that needs help. https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/m/10649/donation


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