A Rescue in the nick of time!

A Rescue in the nick of time!

A little cub was captured on a remote trail camera, alone, hungry and chased by Coyotes. 
It was only a matter of time and we would be to late. NLWS volunteer Lydia Koot left Hope immediately to travel to Cache Creek. On a normal day this takes a little over 2 hours, but in winter conditions this becomes a much more difficult trip.  Wildlife Rehabbers Eva Hartman and her partner Jonathan Laumer from Interior Wildlife Rehabilitation Society came to Lydia's aid, as well as camera owner Danny Smith and a friend of his.  Rescues are always a team effort as walking in deep snow with traps, bait and transport boxes is difficult, The bear investigated the trap, even closed it, but didn't go in. By next morning it was reset and a few hours later the rescue efforts were finally rewarded with success.  Weighing only 21,4lb (40 -60 would be normal) and with a deep drop in temperatures coming over night this cub would not have survived much longer.  Highway Angels Bandstra Transportation took over and by next morning the cub was safely in Smithers. 


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