2024 NLWS Calendar Has Arrived!

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2024 NLWS Calendar Has Arrived!

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Thank you everyone who purchased the 2024 Northern Lights Wildlife Society calendar!

Purchasing the 2024 Northern Lights Wildlife Society calendar isn't just about keeping track of important dates; it's an opportunity to become an integral part of a compassionate mission.

Each month reveals stunning, professional photographs capturing the raw beauty and individual stories of the wildlife rehabilitated by the Society—from the quiet strength of grizzly bears to the delicate poise of a fawn. With your calendar purchase, you contribute directly to the rehabilitation and rewilding efforts that give these majestic creatures a second chance at life. It's a daily reminder that, through your support, you're helping to preserve Canada's breathtaking natural heritage and the well-being of its wild inhabitants.

Moreover, this calendar makes a perfect holiday gift that holds profound meaning and continuous impact. Imagine the joy and conversations it will bring into the homes of your friends and family as each month turns to reveal another heartwarming image, each accompanied by an inspiring story of survival and freedom.

Not only does it serve as a beautiful art piece, but it also symbolizes the spirit of giving, extending beyond the festive season and fostering a year-round awareness and support for wildlife conservation. It's a gift that gives twice—once to the loved one who receives it and again to the animals who are nurtured by the Northern Lights Wildlife Society's unwavering efforts.


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