GEMS Donor System

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GEMS Donor System

You are a few clicks away from committing to something amazing! Joining the GEMS program (Give Every Month Support), our treasured community of monthly donors, is the safest, simplest, and most effective way to support wildlife in dire need on a continues basis.

We encourage everyone to consider the merits of such a commitment:

  • Your continues monthly support allows our team to readily respond to all wildlife calls, knowing that we have a secure budget in place every month.
  • By creating a secure income, you help us provide the best possible care with nutritious feed, great veterinary care and species specific housing.
  • You can see and know that every rescue, every enrichment and every release has your touch and that you are involved in everything NLWS does. We are your extension to help wildlife in need!
  • You have a one time set up with yearly tax receipt.
  • NLWS GEMS yearly rescue update will be mailed out to you in February of each year.
  • GEMS appreciation month is March, with special events only for our monthly donors.


$10 Per Month

Buys feed for the animals.


$50 Per Month

Buys feed, bedding and enrichment for the animals.


$150 Per Month

Buys feed, bedding, enrichment for the animals and supports facility maintenance efforts.


$300 Per Month

All previous GEMS plus helps ensure medical supplies and services can be safely purchased, transported and stocked.


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