Grizzly Enclosure

Grizzly Enclosure

We have outgrown the Grizzly Enclosure build for this project in 2007. Over the past 15 years and the rewilding of 31 grizzly cubs we have learned a lot about the needs of these beautiful and charismatic bears.

During 2020 & 2021 we reached capacity each year and a new enclosure will not only allow us to help more cubs in need but also provide more space for all of them.

 We also picked a more remote location on our property as these highly intelligent animals can quickly become comfortable around human activities. All in all, this project will allow us to take in more cubs and offer them better living accommodations while in our care. 

In addition, the old Grizzly enclosure will be refurbished and added to our Black Bear Facilities and as such addresses the much-needed space of ever rising intake numbers of orphaned black bear cubs.

Donate To The Enclosure

Current Grizzly Enclosure 5000 square feet including separation and feed area

New Grizzly enclosure 15000 square feet plus separation enclosure and feed area

Donate To The Enclosure


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