Grizzly Rewilding

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Grizzly Rewilding

Large carnivores ( such as cougar, wolf and grizzly bear) are typically excluded from rehab efforts. In 2007 NLWS and the BC Government came to a historic agreement to start a grizzly rehab project.

This project allows orphaned grizzly cubs from anywhere in BC to come to NLWS

Current intake areas:
Kitimat, Castlegar, Fernie, Cranbrook, Golden, Bella Coola and Lillooet

A total of 31 cubs have come to NLWS since the start of this project. 29 cubs were or will be released. All released cubs are fitted with a radio collar that will automatically fall off after one year to ensure that the cubs can grow without collar interference.

  • 1 cub died in vehicle accident
  • 1 cub was shot by hunters claiming self-defenses
  • 1 cub disappeared without a trace and is suspected to be ilegally shot
  • 2 cubs were shot as nuisance bears with agreement of all project partners
  • 2 female and 1 cubs successfully hibernated
  • 1 cub was predated by another adult bear
  • 21 cubs where monitored for various lengths of time but not the full year do to early collar loss or collar failure

In 2020 NLWS and the Grizzly Bear Foundation signed an MOU. It was agreed the the Grizzly Foundation would fund and facilitated the post release study, following the released bears for up to 5 years to ascertain data on long-term survival and integration. The GBF hired renowned bear biologist Lana Ciarniello. Independent Research Scientist at Aklak Wildlife Consulting. NLWS is looking forward to assist Dr. Ciarniello in every way possible.


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