Grizzly Rewilding

Grizzly Rewilding

Project Rewild

Large Carnivores (such as cougar, wolf and grizzly bear) are typically excluded from rewilding efforts. In 2007 NLWS and the BC Government came to a historic agreement to start a Grizzly rewilding project.

This project allows orphaned Grizzly cubs from all over BC to be raised in human care with the goal to release them back into the wild.

This project expanded in 2020 when NLWS partnered with the Grizzly Bear Foundation (GBF) ⤴︎. Our partners hired Dr Lana Ciarniello ⤴︎

The main objectives of the project are to:
1. To quantitatively examine the post-release survival and reproductive fitness of captive-reared grizzly bears over multiple years, preferably through to reproduction for female bears; and,
2. To identify the captive rearing methods that enhances survival probability post- release.

Once released our bears are treated as any other bear out there, there is no special treatment for re-wilded bears.

Costs and responsibilities are split between NLWS and GBF as followed:

NLWS is responsible for capture (including traps and transport boxes), care, housing (grizzlies have specific housing requirements), feeding and release (which in most cases includes transportation via helicopter)of all cubs.

GBF is responsible for all costs required by Dr Ciarniello for this study which include, but are not limited to her time, equipment needed, helicopter costs to monitor bears, retrieve collars or respond to mortality signals.

To date 36 grizzly cubs were admitted to NLWS, 31 have been released and 2 more will be released in June of 2023

Isa & Arthur are currently the shining stars in the project. We have been able to follow them through their first 2 successful years (2021 & 2022) back in the wild and we hope to add many more bears to this success story. Here are some pictures of them back in their home territory.

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