Northern Lights Wildlife Society provides young injured and/or orphaned wildlife with a safe and healthy environment to mature into adulthood, upon which they are released back to the wild.

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    Important Volunteer Information

    Before you consider volunteering with NLWS, please ensure you read and are familiar with all the information on this page.

    This page contains links to all the available types of volunteering opportunities offered by Northern Lights Wildlife Society. Scroll to learn more.

    Please read:

    NLWS has a constant need for Volunteers and we are extremely grateful to all that are willing to donate their time to help us rescue wildlife in need. 

    However, many people envision themselves bottle-feeding deer or cuddling bears when considering to volunteer.  Nothing could be further from the truth. To prevent habituation to humans, which would make release impossible, animal care is restricted to staff and a few volunteers that can commit to a longer full time period. 

    But we still need help and if you can see yourself assisting without directly caring for animals we would be extremely grateful for your time.

    Here are some options on site:

    Feed preparation: we pick up fruit & vegetable donations from local stores daily. These donations require sorting as not all will be useable.  Once sorted the goods need to be cut into species appropriate size and then divided into portions.  This is a daily job of approximately 2 – 3 hours in the morning and help is appreciated anytime


    Every day we accumulate a huge number of containers that require cleaning, assistance with this task frees up the animal care takers to provide enrichment to a the animals in care. 

    Gardening/Yard work: 

    We try to keep everything around us well cared for and pleasing to look at. Every year we plant flowers that require tending (watering/weeding) and we also struggle to keep the grass mowed around buildings. 

    Work Bees: 

    Occasionally we need extra hands for a bigger task, such as enclosure renovations, Wildfire protection clearing, painting etc If you choose this option, we will contact you when such a project arises to see if you are available to help. 

    Open House Prize Distribution:

    During our Open House we have several raffles and auctions. After the Open House winners must be notified and prize pickup needs to be arranged. For out of town winners that may also include COD mailing. 

    Mail Order Volunteer: 

    from beginning of November to mid December we offer mail orders. We are looking for a dedicated volunteer that will package and mail such orders in a timely fashion once payment has been received.  


    Open House Preparations:  Every year on July 1st we have an Open House. Preparations for this Event are intense and extra hands are greatly appreciated. We are looking for extra help the 2 weeks prior to July 1st (June 17 to 30) Work mostly involves painting, yard work and moving equipment. 


    Off Site Options

    Transport Volunteer:

    As we work province wide transport (especially on weekends and holidays can be daunting) If you have time and a reliable vehicle please consider signing up as a transport volunteer. 


    Graphic Design:

    We have an ongoing need for FB banners, Event posters etc. If you are interested in this kind of work we would appreciate your help to keep our social media connections fresh and interesting. 

    E-mail if you can help. 

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