Northern Lights Wildlife Society provides young injured and/or orphaned wildlife with a safe and healthy environment to mature into adulthood, upon which they are released back to the wild.

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    M & M Event

    M & M Event  (Miles for Bears and Milk for Babies)

    Each year the month of June brings special challenges to the doors of NLWS.  

    Miles for Bears
    We cover an average of 10000 Miles (16000km) each year to return our bears to freedom.  These trips are costly and the M&M event strives to cover costs for gas, oil changes, general vehicle maintenance, food for volunteers and hotel costs. 

    Milk for Babies
    June also marks the arrival of the biggest volume of orphaned wildlife. Each species requires specialized milk formula to ensure they are healthy and grow to there full potential. Some formulas are available in Canada (mostly back east) others in the US only. Not only is the formula expensive, but transport costs are sometimes doubling the costs. As a good portion of our milk formula comes from the US we also face exchange rates and import taxes.

    Join us May 1st to 15th on our FB page or Website
    • Starting May 1st we will have an Online Silent Auction with wonderful items and/or Services that have been donated by our supporters.
    • You can support our Fundraiser by donating prizes for our fun events and/or items or services for our auction.

    Donating to our cause within this time frame you will a chance to win:

    • Your chance to observe a bear release (in 2019/20) or get a video of the release of their favourite 2018 cub. We will draw one release each for online donations and one release for donations via mail
    • Your chance to observe a bear release (in 2019/20) or get a video of the release of their favourite  2018 cub. We will draw a winner from the winning bids of our auction.