M & M Event 2023

M & M Event 2023

The 2023 M&M has completed

June 1st to July 3rd 2023

2023 Costs:
  • Helicopter + fuel costs for grizzly and black bear release - $20,000
  • Milk powder - $6000
  • We're excited to announce the 2023 M&M event. This annual fundraising event helps return bears to the wild while also feeding the new babies arriving now.
When you choose to donate, you'll be helping us prepare for the coming season. Together, with your help and dedication, we can make sure the wildlife under our care gets their best chance, to not only survive, but to also thrive.

We will cover approximately 12500+ Miles (approx. 20000km) this year to return our bears to a life of wild freedom. These trips are costly, and the M&M event strives to cover costs for gas, oil changes, general vehicle maintenance, food for volunteers and hotel costs.

Each year we're looking to raise approx. $6000 for milk powder. Traditionally June also marks the arrival of the biggest volume of orphaned wildlife. Each species requires specialized milk formula to ensure they are healthy and grow to their full potential. Some formulas are available in Canada (mostly back east) others in the US only. Not only is the formula expensive, but transport costs are sometimes doubling the costs. As a good portion of our milk formula comes from the USA, we also face exchange rates and import taxes.

Besides the winter Dawson’s Lights campaign this is our second biggest fundraiser of the year.

31 Black Bears and 2 female Grizzly Bears will start their journey home to the wild in June, at the same time we are expecting young animals to arrive. This event raises money for Miles for Freedom and Milk for babies. Check your emails frequently for updates or join us on FB, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok.


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