Northern Lights Wildlife Society provides young injured and/or orphaned wildlife with a safe and healthy environment to mature into adulthood, upon which they are released back to the wild.

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    Our Team

    NLWS has a core group of people in the form of the Langen/Landry Families. Peter and Angelika Langen are the founders, assisted by their now grown children and their spouses. Adding to the team are a constant stream of dedicated volunteers which change every few months.

    Angelika and Peter met at the Koeln Zoo in Germany where both worked at the time. Following Angelika’s parents and brothers she and Peter immigrated to Smithers BC in Canada. The initial idea of building a family operated Guest Ranch fell through due to bad economic timing, but Angelika & Peter continued with their part of the intended operation, offering horseback riding and horse kids camps to local and international markets. Their business Mountain View Adventures has been open since 1983 and has evolved with the ever-changing public needs.

    Peter Langen

    Model Year: 1943
    Country of Origin: Germany
    Immigrated to Canada: 1982
    Occupation: Certified Animal Keeper (worked in German Zoos for 9 years) & certified electrician

    Peter’s love for wildlife is very strong. In Germany he left his well-paying electrician job for a position at a Zoo with much less pay, as his heart called for work with wildlife. He never regretted that choice. Once in Canada he soon started missing his work with wildlife and an article in the local newspaper triggered the idea of building a shelter. Peter designs and mostly build all enclosures at NLWS. He has a strong but caring personality and though he likes to mutter about all the work, no animal will ever be without his care. He will always go the extra mile to help an animal in need.

    Angelika Langen

    Model Year: 1960
    Country of Origin: Germany
    Immigrated to Canada: 1982
    Occupation: Certified Animal Keeper, certified riding instructor & certified trail guide

    Angelika’s talents, besides her love for animals, lie in organisation and her dodged determination to see a job through. Weather that means sitting with a seriously ill animal all night or fighting for new policies, once a goal is set she may allow detours, but never loses sight of her goal.

    Tanja Landry 

    Model Year: 1982
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Occupation: High School Teacher, Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator

    Having grown up with wildlife, Tanja’s connections and knowledge run deep. Tanja brings to the team a strength for research and streamlining daily operations. She has taken on the so hugely important positions of bookkeeper and Donation Manager. She also writes and published NLWS quarterly Newsletter.

    Michael Langen

    Model Year: 1988
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Occupation: Sales consultant at Smithers Lumber Yard

    As his sister Mike grew into NLWS and has made himself invaluable with his ever present willingness to help. Most of the time he is the one ensuring pickup of daily donations at local food stores. Loving to drive he also is ever ready to participate in rescues and releases as well as any other driving job needed.

    Shawn Landry

    Model Year: 1980
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Occupation: Journeyman lineman, occupational health and safety officer and conductor with CN

    Shawn was crazy enough to marry into this family. He is now trapped into helping wherever needed. People loving he excels at public relations and loving to drive he strives to participate in rescues & releases.

    Tasha & Thora Landry

    These young ladies are daughters to Shawn & Tanja. Ever present at the Shelter they will undoubtedly grow into it without too much choice. Tasha is already hooked to the young animals arriving at the Shelters doorstep.

    Kim Gruijs

    Model Year: 1975
    Country of Origin: Netherlands
    Immigrated to Canada: 2016
    Occupation: Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator

    Kim came to Canada as a Volunteer the first time in 2008 when she committed to 6 month. She then returned almost yearly until in 2013 she made the decision to come to Canada permanently and started her immigration process. Besides the Langen/Landry Family Kim is the only permanent presence at the shelter and her ongoing commitment is invaluable.

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