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Northern Lights Wildlife is a re-wilding facility whose goal is to provide young, injured, and or orphaned wildlife a safe and healthy environment in which to thrive and prosper. Your support means the world to us and the incredible wildlife under our care.

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Northern Lights Wildlife Society was founded by Angelika and Peter Langen in 1990and provides a safe haven for injured and orphaned wildlife in BC. Specializing in Bear and Moose rewilding, the shelter also accepts all other BC mammalian wildlife and assists with getting injured/juvenile birds to other shelters. Furthermore the shelter is an active participant in public education of co-existence and scientific research. With our dedicated support group of staff, volunteers and donors NLWS continues to expand and offer better chances for wildlife in need.

Who Are We?

Northern Lights Wildlife is a re-wilding facility whose goal is provide young injured and/or orphaned wildlife with a safe and healthy environment.

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Your support means the world to us and the wildlife under our care. Every dollar counts in our efforts to help wildlife find a second chance.


Volunteers have made us what we are today and continue to play a vital role in our organization.

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Bear the Responsibility

We all need to carry the responsibility to coexist with wildlife, together we can assist them to thrive in an ever changing environment.

What is Re-wilding?

Wildlife shelters aid thousands of mammals and birds affected by human presence, helping them recover and return to the wild, mitigating our impact on wild neighbours.

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Your Donations Save Lives!

Your donation saves Lives  Donating to Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter saves wildlife by providing crucial resources for their care, such as food, shelter, and medical treatment. The shelter rescues and re-wilds injured or orphaned wildlife, giving them a second chance at life. Your donation can directly contribute to the well-being and survival of these vulnerable species.

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Tobi Update

The small cub rescued on January 31 in Tobiano BC is holding her/his own so far. After prolonged lack of feed, feeding has...
February 5, 2024
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