Attending NLWS events supports wildlife conservation, educates the public on animal welfare, and contributes to the society's efforts in caring for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Love is in the Air at NLWS

  • PG Home Show
    April 20 - 23
    We will be attending! Lots of activities for the kids, come and drop by for a visit!
  • Paws for Freedom
    May 1 - 15
    This Fundraiser aims to cover costs for bear releases.  Each bear will be returned to his region of origin to avoid messing with genetics and population numbers.
  • Open House
    July 1
    17366 Telkwa High Rd Smithers BC
    Join us for this fun event to raise money to purchase species specific milk replacers.
  • Annual General Meeting
    July 2
    17366 Telkwa High Rd Smithers BC
    Our annual general meeting (AGM) is a yearly gathering where we discuss key issues surrounding NLWS.
  • 50/50 Draw
    Oct 1 - Dec 1
    Our 50/50 draw is a fundraising event where half the proceeds go to the winning ticket holder.
  • Dawson's Lights
    Nov 26- 16
    Lots of activities for the kids, come and drop by for a visit!

Your Donations Save Lives!

Your donation saves Lives  Donating to Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter saves wildlife by providing crucial resources for their care, such as food, shelter, and medical treatment. The shelter rescues and re-wilds injured or orphaned wildlife, giving them a second chance at life. Your donation can directly contribute to the well-being and survival of these vulnerable species.