Not a Baby Shower

Attending NLWS events supports wildlife conservation, educates the public on animal welfare, and contributes to the society's efforts in caring for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Not a Baby Shower

Baby Showers are fun, right!  But our wildlife would not appreciate the activities that result in such an event. Instead we thought you might consider to donate the money you are saving by not attending towards providing them with species specific milk.



for not having to buy a new outfit


for not having to buy a gift


for not having to travel to the event


for not having to pay a baby or pet sitter

Your Donations Save Lives!

Your donation saves Lives  Donating to Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter saves wildlife by providing crucial resources for their care, such as food, shelter, and medical treatment. The shelter rescues and re-wilds injured or orphaned wildlife, giving them a second chance at life. Your donation can directly contribute to the well-being and survival of these vulnerable species.