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NLWS 2023 Year in Review

NLWS 2023 Year in Review

January 31, 2024

As we reflect on 2023 at the Northern Lights Wildlife Society, it's clear that this year has been one of both challenges and growth. We faced an unprecedented number of orphaned cubs, signalling a shift in the natural order due to environmental changes. Despite this, our dedication to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation has never been stronger. We've expanded our capabilities, training new volunteers and enhancing our equipment to ensure a rapid and effective response to wildlife in need across British Columbia.

2023 also marked a leap forward in our research collaborations. We joined forces with esteemed universities for in-depth studies on black bears and moose, aiming to improve our understanding and success in wildlife rehabilitation. The support we've received has been instrumental in these endeavors. It's inspiring to see how far we've come, growing beyond what we once thought possible. As we move forward, your continued support fuels our commitment to face upcoming challenges and make a lasting impact on wildlife conservation.

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Your donation saves Lives  Donating to Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter saves wildlife by providing crucial resources for their care, such as food, shelter, and medical treatment. The shelter rescues and re-wilds injured or orphaned wildlife, giving them a second chance at life. Your donation can directly contribute to the well-being and survival of these vulnerable species.